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 ~.~Gravitation~.~ (YukiNeeded.Mature)

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PostSubject: ~.~Gravitation~.~ (YukiNeeded.Mature)   ~.~Gravitation~.~ (YukiNeeded.Mature) I_icon_minitimeSun May 17, 2009 8:45 pm

~.~Gravitation~.~ (YukiNeeded.Mature) Yukiandshuichi9

It had been about a week or two since Shuichi had run into Eiri Yuki, a blonde writer with quite an additude. He had insulted his work... and played with his emotions to the point he had no idea what to do any more or how to react. None the less, he had fallen unmistakably for the blonde... This feeling towards the other had made Shuichi rewrite his first song in an attempt to make it more apealing to the writer... He had even invited Eiri to his first concert, though he seriously doubted the blonde would show.

At the concert hall, Shuichi, Hiro, and the other members of Bad Luck, were setting up, making sure that everything was in place. The pink-haired youth was extremely nervous, heart speeding at unhealthy levels within his chest. He glanced to Hiro, the red-headed guitarist, who only flashed him a smile and shook his head. "Calm down, kid. We're not even on stage yet and you look like you're going to pass out. Listen to them out there..." Hiro paused and glanced towards where the audiance was. "They sound really excited. You don't want to walk out there looking like an amiture~" He set his guitar down and stepped closer to his best friend, giving him a pat on the back. "Come on, after this we can go out for a drink or two. On me!"

Shuichi gulped, brushing his fingers through his hair. "It's not that, Hiro. I invited Yuki--"
"You mean the one that insulted your song?" The red-head seemed shocked for a moment before a knowing grin touched his lips. "Awe, you DO like him!" he teased, shaking Shuichi's shoulders.
The pink-haired youth glared, clinging to the microphone which he now had plastered to his chest, turned off. "I don't want to look like a fool if he is here... And what if he still thinks my writing is amature?"
Hiro smacked him upside the head, giving him a steady glare. "Don't think about that. If he does still think your work is crap, ignore him... or something. Bug him to figure out how you can improve it. He's a writer, a famous writer. Of course he's going to think your writing sucks; he doesn't want compitition..."
The youth sulked. "I think I'm going to have to accept the drinks... if he is here.."
Their manager, Sakano, walked in. "You're on in five minutes. Oohh! This is SO exciting!" He clasped his hands together, eyes shining. "You two better be good tonight!" he snapped, instantly loosing the good mood for a moment. "We want popularity, and we can't get that unless you two really do good tonight, got that?!" With that, Sakano left the room, leaving a rather nervous Shuichi and a glaring Hiro.
"He really annoys me..." Hiro breathed, taking up his guitar again, making sure it was tuned properly.

After a few moments Shuichi had regained a strand of his confidence and had been working through the lines in his head, rememorizing them and making sure he wouldn't mess anything up. He had already made up his mind that Yuki probably wasn't going to be there, and that made him a little more comfortable. He sighed, seeing the light flash above the door, signalling they had to walk out on stage then. "Alright... You ready for this?" he asked, glancing to Hiro, who perked a brow.
"I thought you were the one who was over reacting and being nervous...~" he teased, winking. "Of course I'm ready, now get out there and sing your lungs out!" He shoved Shuichi out onto stage, following after.
The pink-haired youth took a deep breath and made his way to the front of the stage, flashing a shy smile. "We are Bad Luck~ With our first ever song The Rage Beat!" The crowd cheered, happy to hear any type of music since they had been waiting for a while. Shuichi scanned the stage for a few moments, not seeing any sign of Yuki.. That is, until his gaze met the back of the crowd. The writer was there all right, arms crossed over his chest... that usual glare..

Hiro hummed faintly, glancing at Shuichi who should have started the first few lines. "Shuichi?" he whispered, glancing out to the crowd. He notied Yuki there and froze himself for a moment. "I thought you said he probably wouldn't be here?" Shuichi seemed to stunned to answer. Within the crowd, Ryuichi-Sama seemed to have noticed the stall in the band. Hat and glasses to disguise him, he made his way to the stage slowly, singing his song 'Sleepless Beauty' to get things started and to boost Shuichi's esteem. By the time Ryuichi had made it to the stage, he glanced up and removed his sunglasses, flashing a childish smile before he went back to singing. Eventually, the stunned Shuichi had joined in.

Ryuichi grabbed the microphone, "Ah~ Shuichi-saaan was nervous now... But he's better! He'll be singing now!" He laughed, patted Shuichi on the back, and hopped off the stage, making his way back to Tohma.

Now prepared, the youth flashed another smile and grabbed the microphone, singing out into it.

With a terrified look in the eyes, spit those irritated feelings into the fickle wind. The signal that melted into the cracked roadway is leaving only a scar behind. Before the drowsy noise blurs away tomorrow, chase after those ambitiously resounding footsteps. That unfulfillable emotion that never settles down somewhere--just decide to ignore it, then overtake it. Aim for the loophole in this shy, trembling society, for the place we keep struggling towards. I want a new world. If you bare your claws at your swarming anxieties, you'll be snapped back by unfamiliar lies, and the unbearable times will adorn the rust-covered roads with agitation. Stuff your bag with nothing but velvet coins. We don't need a map of the maze-like dreams. From the tidal-wave's pounding rhythm to the glittering silver passion, it's all just temptation's strategic pull. Your fragile eyes beat on the door we can go through as we still keep on searching. You just want a new world. I can still hear the accumulated tears carving their paths into Main Street, warping the sound of those footsteps. That unfulfillable emotion that never settles down somewhere--just decide to ignore it, then overtake it. Aim for the loophole in this shy, trembling society, for the place we keep struggling towards. I want a new world.

After the song, Shuichi was doused in a thin layer of sweat, panting and nearly laughing with joy. He had no idea that it would have been that fun, and the audiance was cheering quite loudly. He turned to Hiro and was given a high five before they walked off stage to be greeted with an excited Sakano, who was rambling on about the success. "You were absolutely AMAZING!!!" he cried, once more joyful. "We are deffinately going to be selling a lot of CD's..."

Hiro walked up to him and grinned. "Yea, but now me and Shuichi need to get changed and go out for a drink or two, alright? You can tell us of our success tomorrow..." he stated, grabbing Shuichi's hand and dragging him out.
Shuichi glanced up at him, still quite happy. "Ah... I can't believe how fun that was! I can't wait until we have our next concert..." He made his way to the dressing room and tossed on his usual shorts, shirt, and jacket after he had cleaned himself up. He brushed through his hair and turned to Hiro, who was just tugging on his shirt. "Are we going to the usual place for drinks?"

Hiro hummed. "Well, I was thinking you were going to run after Yuki, honestly. He was there after all. He had come to see you sing... I saw him walking out after you'd finished." Hiro shrugged. "If you're still up for drinks, though, we can go. I don't see why not. I mean, Yuri probably had to go do things... He might not be home until later tonight." He smirked, tucking a lock of vibrant red hair behind an ear.
Shuichi lit up slightly with a blush. "I... Well... I'll probably stop by later, after the drinks..." he commented, nodding.

~~After Drinks.~~

Shuichi left Hiro to have a few more drinks, not wanting to be drunk while confronting Yuki. He walked up to the huge mansion that he lived in and knocked on the door, scuffing his feet on the ground. In all honesty he didn't think the male would open the door.
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~.~Gravitation~.~ (YukiNeeded.Mature)
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