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 Never Possible. ((Open/Mature))

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Never Possible. ((Open/Mature)) Empty
PostSubject: Never Possible. ((Open/Mature))   Never Possible. ((Open/Mature)) I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 23, 2009 1:07 am

Never Possible. ((Open/Mature)) Deathnote1

The difference between Angels and Demons were further than most would think. Of course the obvious Demon's from hell and Angels from heaven. But there was more. Angels were considered the the most beautifulest thing in the world to see, and as for demon's they were considered scarred and hideous. Most of the originally cast into hell were marked with burn scars that were considered to burn internally. Most demon's could handle the pain and usually ignore it but there were some who couldn't handle it as they were killed. It was something that some never understood and then those who wish to see it.

Akira roamed the Earth walking down the sidewalk wearing black baggy pants with a unzipped hoodie. Hands in his pockets he smirked seeing the humans avoiding him. With long blonde shaggy hair his black eyes peering into each human seeing there sins. Soon seeing a man he looked not seeing one sin but something he didn't want to deal with today. It was an Angel, Stopping in his tracks the two looked at each other as he smirked before darting into the streets dodging traffic as he stopped in front of a truck smirking to the angel. Reaching out his hands collided with the truck making him slide a few feet before picking the truck up and throwing it at the angel.

Soon he was off as he turned down the alley thinking he was free he turned to face down the alley as he was ambushed by the Angels. Throwing the collar on him his magic was no longer usable as he struggled with his strength alone not being enough he was caught. Soon he was against the wall with other the demons as he was chained his eyes peering at the angels he wasn't happy. Still struggling he was more than pissed. Then seeing the girl look him up and down he smirked, "Don't look at me you poor excuse of an angel." he snapped his fangs showing he wasn't happy.

Soon he was leaded down to the cell as he was locked in with his collar still on. Standing in the cell he was alone now with any demon which he had to admit was smart of them. Now pacing he looked at the bars as he began to ram into the in a attempt to break them but with out his powers it was useless. Now only hurting himself he didn't care as he began yelling. "FUCK YOU ALL I WILL KILL ALL OF YOU!" he yelled before slamming into the bars once more.
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Never Possible. ((Open/Mature))
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