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PostSubject: ~*Why Me*~   ~*Why Me*~ I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 26, 2009 12:51 am

It was summer as the man stepped out of the car looking up at the house that belong to the women who he was sent to basically be the bodyguard for her. Shaking his head he was part of an organization that specialized in human research and he was their top candidate. He was born with what people saw was a curse an they took him in making his curse seem like a gift. They researched on him and enhanced his skills and powers making stronger than any other person in there research. To them he was just a lab rat but then again he had no where else to go, so he stayed and did what he was told. He had gone on many different missions saving and killing people like it was nothing just to keep America safe. Though he was never seen or ever heard of , he was pretty much a ghost and it kinda made him feel like he didn't have a role in life.

Grabbing his bags out of the trunk he slammed the trunk smacking the back of the car as it drove off. He didn't look like a soldier but looks were always deceiving with him and that's what made him so deadly. Usually people with powers only had one or maybe two at most., him on the other hand was completely different. He was stronger than most and had a numerous amount of powers that ranged from Telekinesis to elemental powers. He never really showed it just for the simple fact that he was demanded never to show anyone without the intent of killing them.

Walking up to the door he wore blue jeans that were a little faded with a black t-shirt and a black jacket that he wore a lot. Holding his bags he knocked on the door waiting as the bags were heavier than they seemed holding clothes, weapons, and everything he would need for this long time at this woman's house. His muscles were tight against his shirt as the door opened as he began talking before looking up at the woman. "Hello, I'm the bodyguard that you requested , my name is Ryan and all I need is a small room and some time to get familiar with your" he stated looking up at the woman not thinking she would be this stunning.

(( Alright basically my charry is the body guard for you charry. Your charry's dad is in with a wrong crowd and hired my guy to protect her. Well it will end up they start getting along then start falling for each other and then she is captured and he finds out he loves her and goes after her. ok!? ))
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~*Why Me*~
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