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 It's The Rules. Read Them. Follow Them.

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It's The Rules. Read Them. Follow Them. Empty
PostSubject: It's The Rules. Read Them. Follow Them.   It's The Rules. Read Them. Follow Them. I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 25, 2009 1:05 am

Here is our list of rules. We ask that you follow and obey them. They're not that hard at all ^_^. We will be enforcing our rules and we will only warn you a few times. If the warnings continue, serious action will be taken. We are NOT afraid to Iggy people.


1] - No God modding at all! Everyone must get hit! No one is perfect. Everyone must have a weakness and limited power. Modding will not be tolerated on any grounds.

2] - No one lining. Please! This site was made so people that have the will and desire to get away and find decent roleplay without the worry of coming across a oneliner. You've been warned.

3] - Mods / Admin have the last say, and what they say goes. They will sort out disputes and if you don't like it message either myself or Seegen personally. We'll take it from there.

4] - Everyone must have a character profile that people can look at. This is only so people know who your characters are and make it so they can refer back to it at any time.

5] - Everyone MUST keep OOC and RP separate at all times it is not tolerated at all and anyone caught doing it will be asked to stop. Any further violations and they will be asked to leave.

6] - RP is Rp. Don't take it personally, get over what has happened and get back to rping.

7] - Going back to the onelining. All we ask is that you keep your posts longer than 15 sentences or 2 paragraphs. Now we understand that you can't make a long post all of the time, and we understand that. We just need you to try. ^_^

8] - Respect each other. Everyone is different and everyone has their own religions and beliefs. No slander you guys! And no trash talking with each other. Violators will be banned.

9] - Make sure people can read and understand what you type. Make it clear and eas to read.

10] - Slaves - Stay in the slave forum. ^_^ Listen to your masters. There's really nothing else to say. They'll punish you if you don't behave.

11] - As for Mature Content. PLEASE! Make sure that if there is mature content in your thread, even if there's a possibility, PUT IT IN THE TITLE! We don't need young eyes reading things and telling their parents. O.O

12] - No instant killing and you must kill in a fair way. No modding is basically what i am trying to say.

13] - Sex must be carried out in the right forum, or expected it to be moved into the one for you.





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It's The Rules. Read Them. Follow Them.
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