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 Banner Creation Rules and Instructions!

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Banner Creation Rules and Instructions! Empty
PostSubject: Banner Creation Rules and Instructions!   Banner Creation Rules and Instructions! I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 25, 2009 7:23 pm

Okay! Here it is. The first OFFICIAL contest of Roleplay Haven.
Here it is... You see the lame ass Banner on the top of the screen?
That is the topic of this contest.
Every month I plan on changing the banner at the top of the screen.
And every month... I'm going to hold this contest.
The members of RH are free to participate any month that they want.
They can participate every month if they want to.

The rules? Each member can submit up to THREE different banners each month.
Each banner MUST have the name of the site... Roleplay Haven... SOMEWHERE on it.
I know mine doesn't... but Photoshop hates me right now...
You can put ANYTHING else you want on the banner. Make it your own.
The only things you are NOT allowed to do are:
1 - No bad words in the banner.
2 - No nudity or provacative scenes.
3 - Do NOT steal someone elses idea or pictures.

If any of these rules are broken, you will be disqualified for the month.

Now... for the instructions.
Each month there will be a designated Topic.
The name of the month in EACH Topic will be the month the winning banner will be issued.
Example : February Banner
Each submission will be posted in the designated topic for the month. Do not email them to me...
I don't like looking at my email every ten minutes. -_-
Sumbissions will start the SECOND weekend of every month.
You will be able to submit your banners for two weeks.
The last week of the month, all submissions will be CLOSED and voting will begin.
I will choose the top three of my liking from there.
Whichever three I choose will go to a new topic.
Example - February Voting
From there... the members of RH will vote on their favorite Banner.
The winning banner will then be moved to top of the site.
And the creator will be given credit ^_^

So there you have it. The rules and what not to the Banner Contest.
There will be pleanty more contests to come as we go on.
Just be patient ^_^
Enjoy everyone... and happy RPing.

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Banner Creation Rules and Instructions!
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