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PostSubject: Eternal Slumber   Eternal Slumber I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 09, 2009 6:10 am

Eternal Slumber MaleAngel2-1

It had been three years since Kirai had been brought into the world, and already he apeared to be eighteen, if not older. He had snowy white wings, and white hair to match, and golden eyes that could lure even the meanest person to be compasionate to this angelic figure. His voice was sweet, bell-like; though anyone that heard it would find themselves feeling drowsy soon after. The castle which imprisoned him was grand; filled with others that were all special in the same. Some with horns, other with bird wings.. All of their powers were unique. Especially those that could lift objects with their minds.. Though, the master had told him that he wouldn't get all of his powers until later on in his life, with training, or when things were tight. He understood, and hoped that they would be as grand as the other powers he had seen from below.

The angelic male was a special case. His cage was always unlocked, and he was given clean clothes daily. He was never fed... The master had made him so that he didn't need food; that it was just a treat to him. He was given paper and pen and keep himself busy, and was allowed out when ever he wished. The only thing that was asked, was if there was a fight below; he sung. So far, it seemed that him just being around calmed the other creations in the mansion. They all seemed to get along, and they acted so.. happy. Emotions... were also a thing that the angel did not quiet understand. He had been created without them, and was told that it was only because emotions would get in the way. From watching them... from listing all of their abilities, he described himself as curious. He was constantly curious; always wanting to know more and more about the others...

He found that the best and safest way to find out more was to watch from above and hum in silence to himself. There was one day that another experiment had come to visit; just to see what had been the masters latest creation. Golden hues met red, and... the other had stumbled back and rubbed his eyes, as if he was tired. They exchanged a few brief words, sentences, and eventually the other creation had fallen asleep.. standing. When it woke, it had made its way away quickly.. Kirai frowned, wondering if the conversation hadn't gone well if the other being had just left... That was where he had felt like he was hurt, just by the other not staying for another chat..

Now, the rest of the mansion was sleeping. It was night, and Kirai was still up wondering what life outside of the mansion was.. He had planned everything out, and had saved his extra clothes for a while just for this moment. And, now he was ready. Spreading his wings, he pushed the cage door open quickly to avoid it making a noise.. He stepped to the platform beneath it, and glided down to the very bottom floor. As soon as his feet touched the cold tile, he rushed to the door and creaked it open just enough for him to slip through. He was outside... The mansion was oddly unguarded, and there wasn't even a fence around it. His master really was too nice.. He walked away from the building, following the lights ahead of him that asumed would be another town.

Instead, he found that it was a group of people, dressed in.. shirts, and jeans, and boots. From the gown that Kirai was wearing, their clothing seemed so strange. Golden hues flickering around the people, brow knitting in confusion. There were three, a girl, and two men. "H-Hello... Uhm. I'm just.. on my way to the nearest town.. Where would that be...?" They all turned their attention to him, and Kirai tensed, wondering if this was a good idea. His wings were still outstretched, unaware that people might hurt him for a single wing as proof that angels do exist.

(( OoC: Alright. Need a domiate male; maybe someone that's immune to his sleepy affects. I still don't know what I want to do with the two guys; but one of them must be the male that falls for Kirai. The other could be a brother or maybe just someone that betrays them later... Still thinking on it. Alright, please be mildly descriptive and have fun! Up to you who plays the girl. If need be, than I can play the girl too.))
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Eternal Slumber
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